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↓ (Latin Pop, Jazzy Flamenco) Melbreeze - Brisa de Amor (Javier Limon Presents) - 2015, MP3, 320 kbps
Доданий - 25 жов 2016р. о 20:45 |Категорія, Музика → .
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Melbreeze ★2015★ Brisa de Amor (Javier Limón Presents)
Жанр: Latin Pop, Jazzy Flamenco
Страна исполнителя (группы): USA [Atlanta, GA]
Лейбл: MCC Records
Дата релиза: December 11, 2015
Продолжительность: 00:48:29

Аудиокодек, тип рипа, битрейт аудио: MP3 (tracks), CBR 320 kbps


01. Bien Paga (03:25)
02. A Tu Vera (03:30)
03. Somos Novios (03:10)
04. Piensa en Mi (02:49)
05. Antonio Vargas Heredia (05:01)
06. Campanera (04:00)
07. Tres Palabras (03:15)
08. Como Será (04:33)
09. Historia de un Amor (02:49)
10. Ojos Verdes (06:50)
11. Adoro (03:08)
12. Que Cabeza Dura (02:31)
13. It's Impossible (03:28)

Посилання http://www.melbreeze.com/
Javier Limón presents ''BRISA DE AMOR''
Produced and arranged by Javier Limón

Guitars and lute: Javier Limón
Piano: Pepe Ribero
Keyboards: Pablo Álamo and Juanjo Pereira
Bass: Charlie Mendes
Percusion: Israel Suárez Piraña, Chispas and Juan Bellota
Claps: Maloko, José Ramírez, José Heredia and Pablo Villar

Recorded by Salomé Limón at Casa Limón,Madrid
Mixed by Michael Ross at Casa Limón
Mastering: Caco Refojo at PKO Studios,Madrid

The fourth album release of Melbreeze! In a continuation from the third album, Melbreeze takes her dream for Spanish music and makes it a reality. Created in collaboration with world-reknowned musicians, this album carries the jazzy flamenco sound masterfully, making each track a wonderful experience.

"My music is all our music.. I try to bring different colors and sounds to my songs. More importantly, I try to blend it with special musicians and arrangements to take it to the next level; even though these tunes all have their special places in our hearts, i think there is still space to further their meanings. i always love singing these songs and share these special melodies with the world." - Melbreeze

`Melbreeze was born on February 23, one of those winter days that signaled a new beginning was on its way. Born in the historic port city of Smyrna, Turkey, home to illustrious Greek and Roman settlements, maybe it was foretold that her life would be filled with beauty. An only child, she grew up in a house where music flowed freely and she found company in art. Her first foray into performance was through ballet, which she started learning when she was 5 years old and pursued for many years to come. After completing her academic education, having majored in business as an undergrad and going to the United States for further education, Melbreeze focused on raising her own family.

Her love for music though never wavered and she dreamed that one day she could do the kind of music she wanted. And now, after many years of training, expectations, love and dedication, Melbreeze is sharing all her thoughts and feelings that she kept hidden inside for years.

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Пошукові теги: Latin, Pop, Jazzy, Flamenco, Melbreeze, Brisa, Amor, Javier, Limon, Presents, 2015, MP3, 320, kbps.
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02 - A Tu Vera.mp3 8.05 МБ
03 - Somos Novios.mp3 7.30 МБ
04 - Piensa en Mi.mp3 6.51 МБ
05 - Antonio Vargas Heredia.mp3 11.54 МБ
06 - Campanera.mp3 9.21 МБ
07 - Tres Palabras.mp3 7.49 МБ
08 - Como Sera.mp3 10.46 МБ
09 - Historia de un Amor.mp3 6.50 МБ
10 - Ojos Verdes.mp3 15.67 МБ
11 - Adoro.mp3 7.22 МБ
12 - Que Cabeza Dura.mp3 5.82 МБ
13 - It's Impossible.mp3 7.97 МБ
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